School report comments tips

Writing report comments on a school report card can be a demanding task – in particular if you are a new teacher and it is your first year of writing report cards.

report comments

Here are some great tips to help get you going :

  • Base your school report comments on facts that you can backup with evidence – the last thing you want is an angry parent confronting you about the report card and you not having a leg to stand on.
  • Make sure you are writing the report card about the right child. This might sound silly but if you teach over 400 pupils then it is easy to get mixed up. Most schools have a database of photos of pupils – use this to get a firm grasp in your mind of who the pupil is.
  • Always start with a positive on the report card – there must be one !
  • Take some time to consult the Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (or SENCO) before you start – it gets kinda¬†embarrassing¬†if you start pointing out a child cannot spell if they have a statement for dyslexia.
  • Make a start on the report card comments early – you will be surprised how long it takes to write school reports.
  • Never say anything in the report card that you would not be happy talking to a parent about they might phone up and you will certainly have to meet them at parents’ evening.
  • The report card is maybe the only time in the year that you have communicating in writing about the progress of a child so be careful that it is not too shocking – maybe parents should have been informed earlier if there was a problem.
  • Finally make sure that the school report card comments sound supportive and friendly – it is far easier to work with people if the are on side.
report comments